Color Grading Suite in Niedersachsen

Hey there!

I'm Felix, a freelance Colorist, Cinematographer and Video Producer
based in Northern Germany, Hanover.

Dedicated to transforming light and color into compelling visual stories,
I aim to make brands and businesses shine on social media.
Crafting experiences that resonate deeply, my focus is on creating an impression that's not just seen,
but felt and shared. My work as a DP emphasizes dynamic camera work to bring narratives to life,
ensuring each frame captures the essence of the story.

Together with an extensive network of skilled professionals, we provide end-to-end production
solutions, from concept development to final editing and color grading. This collaborative approach ensures
your message is powerfully conveyed and impactful.

In the heart of my process, the color grading suite, we refine your vision to perfection.
Whether we're collaborating directly or worldwide remote via, your project is guaranteed to stand out with
unparalleled excellence. As I navigate through the evolving landscape of AI, I don’t just keep up; I’m hands-on, experimenting with the latest AI technologies to unlock new dimensions in storytelling.

Let's connect and create something extraordinary, making digital waves together!


+49 177 892 19 73
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